Braun Oral B Professional Care 500 Review

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This week we’re taking a look at the Oral Professional Care 500 – a cost effective solution which is a low-end electric toothbrush. Can this cost-effective brush stand up to the competition from the more advanced brushes? Let’s take a look.

The 500 uses the same 3D Cleaning technology that Oral-B’s more advanced brushes use. We’ve been very impressed with this technology in past reviews, and customers tend to rate it’s cleaning power very highly. The 500 model is slightly slower, however, pulsating 20,000 times per minute and rotating 7600 times per minute. We’ll take a look at the cleaning capabilities of the brush later.

The brush has a built-in quad timer which helps to indicate when the dentist-recommended 2 minute cleaning period is over; a popular feature which is included in many many electric toothbrushes these days.

The 500 comes with 2 interchangeable brush heads, and the battery last for 1 week on a single charge.

Braun Oral B Professional Care 500 Features and Specifications

3D Cleaning technoloygy
Pulsates 20,000 times per minute and rotates 7600 times per minute
Built-in quad timer ensures dentist-recommended 2 minute brushing
2 interchangeable brush heads included

Customer Feedback and Review

There are hundreds of reviews and customer comments available online about this brush; clearly it is a very good seller, which is understandable given the affordable price. We can report that over 95% of reviews of reviews for the brush were very positive, 4 or 5 star reviews. Let’s take a look at what they said.

Mrs Donna Mcintyre:

“I have found this toothbrush to be well designed and built. It does the job efficiently and the charge lasts me for a full week.”

It was commonly mentioned by many reviewers that they were very impressed with the power of the motor, when compared with other electric toothbrushes in this price range. This is good news, however as it is slightly slower than more expensive brushes so please bare in mind that more expensive brushes such as the Triumph 5000 are likely to remove plaque and stains a bit better. Even so, reviewers were very impressed with the quality of the clean that the 500 provided; several mentioning that they would not go back to manual brushing after trying the 500 out.

Another good point that was often mentioned was that the toothbrush is very easy to hold, and much slimmer than other electric toothbrushes. This is good news for youngsters, and anybody with less than 100% dexterity.

John Adcock:

“As you’d expect from Braun – this is well-made and does the job more than efficiently

As with most cheaper toothbrushes, the main negative point that was mentioned was the battery. While it lasts a week on a single charge, quite a lot of customers mentioned that they weren’t too happy with the length of time it takes to charge. Despite this, we aren’t going to hold this against the 500, as less powerful batteries are common amongst toothbrushes in this price range.

What with all the positive reviews that we’ve studied, we can only confirm that this a very good brush for the price. It might not have the more advanced whitening features or power of the more expensive brushes, however it still provides a good quality clean.

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a cheap alternative to an expensive sonic toothbrush, we’d recommend that you spend a tiny bit extra and go for the Professional Care 1000 model, which has the same speed as Oral B’s top-of-the-line brushes.

That said, the Oral B Professional Care 500 is still a more than competent brush so if you really want to save as much money as possible, we think that you’ll find this brush a bargain. 3 stars.

The Good
Good quality cleaning
Same 3D Cleaning Technology found in more expensive brushes
Slim profile – easy for everyone to hold
The Bad
Battery takes a long time to charge
Slightly slower than more advanced brushes, but still provides a good quality clean

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