Philips Sonicare HX8111 Airfloss Preview

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We’re big fans of Philips and their Sonicare range of electric toothbrushes, they tend to shake up the market with innovative and useful new ideas. We were excited to see, therefore, that Philips have again come up with a brand new idea, the Sonicare Airfloss HX8111 – an electric device that flosses your teeth using air and water. Now, nobody relishes the process of flossing (although it is necessary folks!) so this new device could well be a god-send. You can be sure that we’ll be preparing a review here at Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews, as soon we get our hands on one, but until then we’re going to take a look at the features of the unit and give you a quick preview of what Philips have in store for us.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss HX8111 – The End Of Flossing?

The first thing we noted is that Philips suggest that you can use it to clean in between all of your teeth in just 60 seconds. Those of you who struggle with dental floss (I’m with you guys) this will be a massive improvement. In fact, even if it takes three times that time to use, you can count me in! My days struggling in front of the mirror with a length of dental floss for 15 to 20 minutes could well be over!

The device uses MicroBurst technology to clean in between the teeth. You fill a small reservoir with water, and then the machine blasts air and micro-water droplets in between the teeth to remove plaque that your toothbrush missed. Now, words like blast and burst sound a little alarming, but Philips are saying that 78% of people tested found the device more comfortable that ordinary dental floss. We’ll take a good look at comfort of use when we get a chance to review it, so do keep your eyes out for the review.

Philips claim that the machine removes 99% plaque from between the teeth than just brushing alone. A big improvement that you’d normally have to use dental floss to achieve.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about the Sonicare Airfloss. The combination of this and a powerful toothbrush such as the Triumph 5000 from Braun should be biggest treat they’ve ever had. While we’re holding on to our dental floss for the time being, if this device fulfills its promise, then we’ll be more than happy to bin the old dental floss! Don’t forget to check back on Best Electric Tootbrush Reviews for a full and detailed analysis. We’ll have a review up as soon as we possibly can.

Blasts compressed air and water between the teeth to replace dental floss
No more flossing!
Remove 99% more plaque from between the teeth than brushing

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