Philips Sonicare Flexcare HX6952 2-Pack Review

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If you’re in the market for a new sonic toothbrush for your family, Philips have now bundled together two Sonicare FlexCare HX6952 brushes in one pack; perfect if you’ve got a large family or you simply don’t like to share your toothbrush! The Sonicare Flexcare range is a very well received range of sonic brushes, the value of this 2 pack offer is tempting, but how do the brushes shape up? Let’s find out.

The toothbrush has 3 brushing modes and strokes 31,000 times per minute. It also offers 2 personalised brushing routines; a shorter one minute program for those days when time is precious, and an alternative three minute cycle for extra care. It also has a built in Smartimer (which encourages brushing for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes), and a 30 second interval timer telling the user when to focus on a new section of the mouth.

Aside from the 2 brushes this pack also includes a Soft Travel Case, 2 heads, and a travel charger. Uniquely, the package also includes a UV Sanitiser – this removes 99% of bacteria build up from your brush in-between uses and doubles as a storage container for your brushes, It’s a well stocked pack; Philips have put together a very good value package here.

Sonicare Flexcare HX6952 2-Pack Features and Specifications

Twin pack – 2 sonic toothbrushes included
UV Sanitiser (cleans brushes in-between uses killing 99% of bacteria)
31,000 brush stokes per minute
3 brushing modes, and 2 personalised brushing routines
Smartimer technology – encourages dentist-recommended brushing
Travel charger
2 year warranty
Easystart technology – slowly increases speed for sensitive gums

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

Astonishingly, all of the reviews that we examined online were positive. Yes, 100% of reviews that were found were 4 or 5 star reviews. Of all these impressive reviews, we even came across one from a professional dentist who raved that this toothbrush is ‘nearing perfection’! Among the rest of the reviews, several of them noted that their own dentist had noticed improvements since switching to this brush.

“Both my husband and I are very happy with the twin set” “We switched to Sonicare from manual toothbrusing and we are so happy, we would never go back. My teeth feel so clean after I brush!”


The vast majority of reviewers noted that after a few weeks usage, they could feel the difference, noting that the brush makes the teeth very clean. Several mentioned that they’d gone from manual cleaning to this brush and would never go back.

The toothbrush was also praised for it’s plaque and stain removing abilities, mentioning a marked improvement in removal of plaque and stains after just a few weeks of use. The brush was recommended by several wine and coffee drinkers. It seems a lot of the customers were actually recommended the brush by their dentist for this very reason.

“The secret – and the thing that makes it special – is that there is a vibrating head which has a shaped head to get between your teeth and clean them very well.” 

Michael Jacobs

There were very few negatives mentioned about this toothbrush. A number of people mentioned that they weren’t convinced of the need for the sanitiser unit, but an equal number of people felt it was good peace of mind to know their brushes were clean and bacteria free. Another frustration that was mentioned was that as this is a two pack, this means that 2 chargers are needed to charge both Sonicare Flexcare brushes.

After researching the wealth of positive reviews, I’ll get straight to the point. This is a great value package, and one of the best quality sonic electric toothbrush experiences you are likely to have.

Without a single negative review found, it seems Philips have really pleased their customers with the HX6952 Twin Pack. This is a definate challenger to the Triumph 5000 from Oral B, and a fantastic sonic toothbrush in its own right.4 stars!

The Good
Sonicare FlexCare provides a very good quality clean
Superior stain and plaque removal
UV Sanitiser keeps brushes clean and bacteria free
Twin pack and additional extras make a very good value package
The Bad
Pack comes with 2 Sonicare Flexcare brushes, but only 1 charger. However, rotating the charging is easy enough

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