Braun Oral B Triumph 5000 with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush Review

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Today, we’re going to take a look at the Oral B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush with SmartGuide. The 5000 is Oral B’s flagship, top of the line electric toothbrush, and also happens to be one of the best electric toothbrush models around. It’s probably the most advanced toothbrush on the market along with the Sonicare Flexcare. If you’re not getting the whitening and stain removal results you desire from your current toothbrush, you might want to take a look at the 5000, which is the only toothbrush that is approved with a Platinum rating by the British Dental Association, for superior plaque removal. We’re going to take a look, and see what all the fuss is about!

The first thing that hits you about the 5000 when you first clap eyes on the box is the unique wireless SmartGuide device that compliments the handset. The SmartGuide actually connects to the brush wirelessly and monitors your brushing. It will then give dentist-inspired feedback to help ensure that you’re cleaning your teeth in the best way to remove plaque and keep them healthy. Amongst others, it monitors the pressure you’re using to brush and the amount of time you’ve been at it for.

The Wireless SmartGuide is a very interesting feature, as brushing pressure and brushing time are so important if you want to have a healthy smile. Most people tend to brush too hard, thinking it will remove stains. Actually, brushing too hard can damage enamel (the whitest part of your tooth) and actually make your teeth less white! Also, since brushing isn’t the most fun activity in the world, people also tend to forget to brush for long enough. This brush with it’s SmartGuide offers help to get out of these bad habits, and get you into a healthy brushing routine that will help to give you that healthy smile.

There’s more good news tucked away in a corner of the box; a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you try out the 5000 and you’re not satisfied for any reason, it can be returned to Oral B within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Handy to know you can get your money back if you don’t like it, particularly if you’ve never tried out an electric toothbrush before.

On opening the box, we were greeted with a welcome and unexpected bonus. The warranty leaflet includes a code which you can use at Oral B’s website to get and addition 1 year warranty. On top of the standard 2 year warranty, this brings the total warranty period to 3 years. This is great value, and shows that Oral B are very confident in the quality of the 5000. We think it’s valuable to have such a long warranty period in place for an expensive toothbrush; you can be sure that the 5000 is going to be with you for 3 years at the absolute minimum. Good stuff!

The handset pulsates 40,000 times and rotates 8,800 times per minute to remove twice as much plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush. This is the fastest sonic toothbrush on the market today, and one of the best plaque removers since rotations help to shift over 10% more plaque than other brushes.

The brush has a comprehensive 5 built-in brushing modes, including a polishing and sensitive mode. It also sports a built in battery indicator, built-in pressure sensor and indicator, and brushing timers.A single charge of the battery lasts for 10 days (more than enough to take full advantage of the included travel case for taking it on holiday!)

As well as the handset itself, also included in the box are 3 toothbrush heads (1 x floss action, 1 x sensitive and 1 x polishing), more than enough to keep you going for the first 3 months of use. Also included; a hard carry case for traveling, the charging station and an optional toothbrush head holder.

Oral B have definitely packed all you could possible want into this package. We would have liked to see a 3 pin adapter included in the box, but since these are available for a mere 70p on Amazon, we’re not going to grumble about that!

Braun 5000 Features and Specifications

Wireless digital SmartGuide give dentist-inspired feedback to get you into good brushing habits
Platinum approved by the British Dental Association for superior plaque removal
30 day Money Back Guarantee
3 Year Warranty when registered online
3D Cleaning – pulsates 40,000 times per minute, and rotates 8,800 times per minute
Five customised cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep Clean
3 Interchangeable heads included: Floss Action, 3D Polishing, Sensitive
Hard travel case

New Version Now Available

Braun have recently updated this best selling electric toothbrush, bringing it right up to date. But a lot of people are confused about the differences between the new and the old IQ version.

First off, the toothbrush has been been a sleek new look. Not only that, but the handle has been slimmed down to make it easier to grip, hold and use.

When the new 5000 detects that you are brushing too hard, it now warns in 3 different ways. A red LED near the brush head will light up and you’ll also receive an auditory alert. If you continue to brush too hard the handset will automatically switch itself to sensitive mode so as to avoid hurting your teeth or gums. Braun call this the Triple Action Pressure Control System.

The wireless guide system will now also rate your brushing, with a star rating system. If you brush for the recommended 2 minutes, and do it all the right way, it’ll give you a 4 star rating. If you don’t get 4 stars, you know that you can improve how you are brushing your teeth.

The SmartGuide now also keeps a record of your total brushing, and gives you a warning when it is time to change your brush head with a new one.

Customer Feedback – Is This The Best Electric Toothbrush?

Having conducted extensive research, we’ve read hundreds of reviews of this toothbrush. The vast majority, in fact well over 95% of people, rated this toothbrush very highly with extremely positive 4 or 5 star reviews. We found it a common statement that, having gone from a normal manual brush to the Triumph 5000, the difference in whiteness of the teeth was noticeable.

Marie: “I can honestly say it gives an amazingly professional clean. It is streets ahead of cleaning compared with my old electronic toothbrush. It gives a clean that is as good as the one I get at the dentists.”

Almost all of the reviewers stated that after a couple of weeks of using this toothbrush that their teeth where whiter. Several mentioned that they’d even received comments on the whiteness of their teeth from friends. The most often recorded remark, was that this toothbrush leaves the mouth feeling very clean, and the teeth smooth and plaque free.

This was actually expected by us, as we’ve seen Oral B’s excellent 3D cleaning technology at work in past. The 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 rotations per minute combine to create a most effective plaque removal action. Once you’ve cleaned with the Oral B 5000 for 2 minutes, you come away with a clean feeling mouth. The teeth feel smooth with none of that horrible furry feeling that you get due to a days worth of plaque build up. Top marks here; as expected, this toothbrush cleans teeth superbly.

It was also commonly noted how sturdy and well built the handset felt. We can certainly concur with this. While the handset is slim and light enough to be comfortable and easy to hold, it also has a very reassuring solid and weighty feel to it. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all, and we can see why Oral B have been confident enough to provide a 3 year warranty; this is a well designed and constructed electric toothbrush.

The battery life was also commonly reported as very good, lasting over a week on a single charge. Although, as with most electric toothbrushes the battery will take over 12 hours to charge, so it’s best to leave it on charge overnight.

The battery life was also commonly reported as very good, lasting over a week on a single charge. Although, as with most electric toothbrushes the battery will take over 12 hours to charge, so it’s best to leave it on charge overnight.

There were very few negative comments about the 5000. The most common point was that the wireless SmartGuide was not to everyone’s taste; with opinion divided between those who found it useful and those who felt that it wasn’t really necessary. It was mentioned quite often by people who did like it, that they found it very helpful in encouraging good brushing habits in kids, which is an unexpected bonus.

Having had a good play with the wireless SmartGuide ourselves, we must say that we can see both sides. As with the brush itself, the SmartGuide is well made and feels high-quality and sturdy. It does offer useful feedback, and we think that if you’re moving to the 5000 from a manual toothbrush that you’ll find it particularly useful to help get you into the ‘dentist-recommended’ brushing habits. However, once you’re in those habits, it probably will be less useful. If you don’t think you need any help with your brushing technique, then you might want to take a look at the Triumph 4000 model instead, which is basically the same great brush minus the SmartGuide.

Still, since brushing technique is so important we definitely see the value in the SmartGuide; both in terms of getting you brushing correctly, and then perhaps as a good way to do a quick check every now and again that you’re still following along with the best possible brushing habits.

Overall, with all the 4 and 5 star ratings that this brush has received, and all of the overwhelmingly positive things that customers reviewing the product online have to say about it, we feel it is a safe bet for sure. Our own experiences with this brush are that it is very well made, gives a great clean, and has all the features you could possibly want. The fact that it’s also been officially approved by the British Dental Association, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty make this package close to irresistible (hence it gets 4.5 stars)!  

The Good
Extremely good quality clean. Leaves mouth feeling very clean, and teeth nice and smooth.
Noticeably whiter teeth after a few weeks use according to a lot of customers
Platinum approved by the British Dental Association
30 day Money Back Guarantee
3 Years Warranty if registered online
3 brush heads included
Probably the best toothbrush that money can buy
The Bad
Some people found the SmartGuide less useful than others, but it was said to encourage good tooth cleaning habits in youngsters. We think it’s very good for initially getting you into good brushing habits.

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