Philips Sonicare HX6711 HealthyWhite Review

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The Sonicare range from Philips has been an extremely popular line of toothbrushes for a while now; in fact they are often seen as the best electric toothbrush range by many. Generally, reviews of the Sonicare range are overwhelmingly positive, so the Sonicare HX6711 HealthyWhite electric toothbrush has a lot to live up to! Will it measure up to it’s sonic toothbrush siblings? Let’s take a look.

The HealthyWhite has a two minute timer to ensure dentist-recommended brushing time, and a Quadpacer interval timer which helps the user focus on the right areas of the mouth for the right amount of time.

The brush strokes 31,000 times per minute, and has 2 different brushing modes. It comes with a ProResults brush head and travel charger.

Philips Sonicare HX6711 HealthyWhite Features and Specifications

2 brushing modes: Clean, Clean and White
31,000 brush strokes per minute
Smartimer: two minute timer for recommended brushing time
Quadpacer: interval timer for focused brushing
Travel charger

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

When researching this brush, we noticed a worrying trend. Around 50% of the reviews were negative; it seems that this model is quite unreliable.

We’ll take a look at the positive aspects first. Most of the reviewers, even those with negative opinions, all mentioned that they were impressed with the quality of the tooth cleaning that the HealthyWhite gave. Many reviews mentioned that the stain removal was very effective, even without using the whitening setting. In fact, one reviewer even went as far to say that she was convinced that the toothbrush has ‘saved’ her ‘remaining teeth’!

“At first I was delighted with it but after a few months the pin coupling had sheared. It is too delicate in design.”

M. Petheram

Despite the positives, the negative reviews weighed heavily on the HealthyWhite’s score. Unfortunately, a pattern emerged of people being very impressed with the cleaning the HealthyWhite provided but very unhappy when the tooth broke down within the warranty period. Many reviewers also noted that they were provided with a warranty replacement, but unfortunately the replacement also stopped working. The length of time it took before the faults were discovered varied greatly from just a few months to just under a year. All of the reviewers that experienced such problems mentioned that they were extremely unhappy that an expensive sonic toothbrush was so unreliable.

“Excellent while it lasted but the design is seriously flawed.”

J P Power

Having weighed up the evidence, I’m afraid we can’t possibly recommend this toothbrush. While this sonic toothbrush is clearly capable in the cleaning department, the lack of reliability of the hardware means it simply should be avoided and that it earns only 2 stars.

Instead, we’d recommend the Philips Flexcare+ HX6972 or the Triumph 5000 from Oral B which are both extremely reliable and will give you the best electric toothbrush experience possible.

The Good
Good quality cleaning and stain removal
The Bad
Hardware seems to be unreliable, with a high return rate

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